Why hire a licensed contractor?


Licensed contractors have to follow strict rules imposed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. For example, they are not allowed to abandon a job, even if it costs more than they bid.

Unlicensed individuals can abandon projects, often leaving a homeowner with no recourse. To make matters worse, these individuals may do the work incorrectly, causing additional expenses, and longer project times for unsuspecting homeowners.


Licensed contractors are required to have an estimate on when a project is supposed to start and finish, how much the project will cost (barring undiscovered damage), follow best workmanship practices, and cannot misrepresent a product (e.g. tell you they use one paint, while using another). Recourse is provided by the Registrar, who holds licensed contractors to account.

Hiring an unlicensed contractor can result in delays, project abandonment, misrepresentation of products used for the project, or projects with far more damage caused by the unlicensed contractor that cost the homeowner time and money. Sadly, often homeowners do not have recourse for any issues caused by those unlicensed individuals.


Regardless if you decide to hire us to meet your needs or not, we highly recommend using a licensed contractor. Ensure you do your research, you can go to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors search engine or call them at (602) 542-1525. They have tools to check on the contractor of your choice, this is very important. The AROC number is the easiest way to find them our AROC# is 320561, any licensed contractor is required to have it posted on any advertisement, including business cards. If they do not have one, be wary, it is likely this is an unlicensed contractor.

Remember, price should be only one factor in your decision. We recommend checking into their background. Many unsuspecting homeowners have unwittingly hired unlicensed individuals who have left them with damages, unfinished projects, or misrepresented products. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors has a page dedicated to unlicensed contractors, click below to check it out. Another is the Most Wanted list and will give you an idea on what some unlicensed contractors have done to unsuspecting homeowners.